About Family


  • My Father- Pradip kumar Baruah
  • My Mother- Alaka Baruah.
  • My Sister- Elvina Baruah. (Babli)
  • My Brother- Enton Baruah (Sonu)

Elvin Baruah Family

Family is really love to being with Society, Many cousin Brothers and Sisters are professionally Teacher, professor, Business, Govt Duty, Advocate, Doctor, Scholar etc. Father Pradip kumar Baruah was active member with AASU and he was involve with Assam Agitation as a leader in Nagoun District, Assam and His Uncle (Father's Younger Brother) Mr Jadab Baruah also involved in Assam Agitations with All Assam Students Union. Pradip Kumar Baruah was a very good poet and writer. He was Secretary of Asom Kobi Samaj, State committee, He was President of North Guwahati Sahitya Sabha and Joint Secretary of Kamrup District sahitya Sabha too. After his passing away (1st june- 2013) Asom Sahitya Sabha honoured him as "KABIRATNA". He left his wife Alaka Baruah, Elder Son Elvin Baruah, Younger Son Enton Baruah, Elder Brother Pawan kumar Baruah, Yonger Brother Jadab Baruah and Bidyut Baruh, Elder Sisters Biju Malakar, Aaikon, Parul and Niju Bordoloi, Younger Sister Mann, Nephew Jonali Baruah, Annie, Juntee, Mantu, Nitul, Bablu, Bullion, Biki, Pompi, Jaan, Maman and many family members, well-wishers and colleges. As a Elder Son Elvin Baruah Missing lots his father and he always trying to run his life on his ideology


Following are the published and unpublished Books of Kabiratna Pradip Kumar Baruah.

  1. Moromi Anjali - Novel.
  2. Samaye Ringiyai Maate - Poem BooK.
  3. Samayat Jale Samayar Banti - Poem Book
  4. Worship of Maa Kamakhya Temple's Ambubachi fair. - A Worship Book
  5. Time is Memory of Dream - Poem Book.
  6. Samayar Kholitaat Atonko Jui- Poem Book
  7. Samay Prashantir Prabahak - Poem Book
  8. Colour of Time - Poem Book
  9. Time is wave of See - Poem Book
  10. Akharir Aatmaar Atanko- Horor Story Book.
  11. Anabrit Atangko- Poem Book
  12. Samay Sabdar Pratiddhani- Poem Book
  13. Dakshin Rukmini Goun Sri Maa Sitala Mandirar Utthan aru Mahatmya- Worship Book.

And many Books was under printing and some are yet to be printing.