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Aarohan was founded on 6th March 2009 by Elvin Baruah in the beautiful and evergreen city of Guwahati, Assam with an extraordinary passion to change society as it is today and build a better India for tomorrow..

Aarohan ( means ‘Ascendance’ ) is a tender initiative for disaster rescue missions for endangered animals and migratory birds. We work to protect wildlife, especially in North-Eastern States, in numerous ways, from direct anti-poaching to community-based management and empowerment. The goal is to rescue and rehabilitate sick and needy animals.

We set up and run shelters, vaccination and treatment camps for animals. We have also took preventive measures to save the animals including rhinos, elephants, deer, sambar and wild boar at the time of floods in kaziranga National park. We always work at Agoratali and Baagori range. We do our best to protect the animals who migrate in our territory and we have a record that we have protected them from the poachers.

We are planning to open an animal treatment hospital cum shelter house. It will be supported by Animal Welfare Organisation of India, Chennai, near Golden Beach. Recently the organization has taken up a new agenda where in it will also focus on Child and Woman Trafficking in India. It’s hard to believe that modern day slavery still exists. It’s even harder to believe there are 32 Million slaves and that the human trafficking industry is a $99 Billion industry. The focus of Aarohan is to tackle the root causes of human trafficking through direct support and technical assistance. Our vision is to use the expertise and networks to promote best practices and inspire sustainable solutions in the movement to prevent human trafficking.

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