Journey With AASU

Life is a wave of success. Success does not mean that it will always make u happy, sometimes success gives you some bitter moment. But these are practical truth of life. By this lesion you can survive your life in desert.

The 15 years of Students Political Journey was a biggest wave of success for Elvin Baruah. Social life always like a rainbow, which is colourful from long distance but have nothing inside. People always have to fight and sacrifice for the society and their rights, it’s seem endless journey.

On the 19th Century, When he was in class Nine (9) on 1999 morning at 10:30 AM, a senior from his school entered his classroom and selected some boys to come out of the classroom. He also wanted to know what his friends were up to. Next day he asked his friends that where were they yesterday. One of them was Nayan and he said he was selected as secretary of All Guwahati School Students Union, and he had gone to AASU office. As an Assamese, everyone knows about AASU and Elvin had a frequent discussion about the organization at home. His Father and Uncle (Father’s Younger Brother) were attached with AASU. Genetically he was deeply Influenced with AASU and wish to join the same. Whenever there is a will, there is a way it happened and it’s always match with Elvin too. after a couple of days Mr Manoj Das, Advisor and ex-General Secretary from "All Guwahati School Students Union" came and asked Elvin Baruah to join AASU.

The first day when Mr. Elvin enter in AASU office at Ujan-Bazar in 1999 month of August. He get blessed of 855 martyrs and eternally his mind flew by Red Logo AASU Flag and Voice of AASU( Voice of AASU means a Boy raid his left hand, his name is Khargeswar Talukdar).

All Assam Students Union (AASU) formed in 1967, AASU renown in the world by its 5 years non-stop Assam Agitation, the whole education system, and work system stopped down for 2/3 years completely from 1979 to 1984. After 6 years of agitation finally, Central govt signed the Assam Accord with AASU on 15th August 1985. In between 6 Years of Assam Agitation, 855 people become martyrs and thousands of people sacrificed their education, life, body and many things, many have become the handicap, raped, become the orphan, and widow. The top leaders of AASU formed a regional political party named Asom Gana Parishad. As per central govt direction and Assam Agitation Mr Prafulla Kumar Mahanta resigned from President of AASU and formed AGP and Contest election and become CM of Assam. Now on 2016 again an AASU ex-president become CM of Assam.

On August 1999 when Mr. Elvin join AASU as a member of All Guwahati School Students Union (AGSSU). 370 Schools was their under. They do many inter-school activities among those all schools. Jintu Deka, Jintu Kalita, Khanjana, Nekib, Naba, Mantu, Hemi, Kavita, Manas, Surajit all they have worked together as Team of AGSSU. Mr Elvin frequently bunk his class or sometimes he left class with teachers permission. His School Name was Sonaram Higher Secondary School, it was located in Bank of the river Brahmaputra, in Bharalumukh, Guwahati, Assam. AASU office is not so far from his school, it’s take only 20 minutes by walking. So, He had been going to AASU office by walking only because on that time his pocket money was also so minimum. On the year of 2000 when he come up to class (10) he regularly come to AASU office, his class notes and study material/homework & classwork always he has taken from his friends on next day class... teachers were also offended much time but it was a good memory now for him. After that his AASU journey going on regularly till 2014. Nowadays AGSSU has close down, when Mr Elvin asked, AASU Advisor Samujjal Bhattacharjee in Kamrup District conference on 2012 about the close down of this wing than he said that "we having some technical issue" for that, this wing have to closedown. But according to Elvin Baruah, by this wing, Some dedicated strong leaders come out from Grass Roots, who become more strongest and dedicated leaders for the society.

On 2003, Elvin Baruah reopened Middle Guwahati School students Union Branch No. 4, (Direct branch of All Guwahati Students Union, It’s a College level Wing of AASU. When they open that branch by the leadership of Nirmal Bashya, President of All Guwahati Students Union at Machkhowa Balika Vidyalaya. Then Mr Bashya formed the committee with Zanifur Rahman, President; Mehtab Monir, General Secretary; Mr Elvin Baruah, Advisor along with 40 members team in the wing of AGSU. The Work of Judiciary was Fancy Bazar, Machkhowa, Aanth Goun, Kumarpara and TR Phookan Road.

AASU has District wing, College Unit Wing, Sub-Division Wing, University Unit Wing, School (All Guwahati School Students Union, It was only in Metro City of Assam), Branch, and Sub-Branch. By all these wings together call All Assam Students Union, AASU. Under All Guwahati Students Union, there was 4 branch, Madhya Guwahati (Middle Guwahati), East Guwahati, West Guwahati and South Guwahati. Under Middle Guwahati there has four Branch and Elvin Baruah come from very grass root in AASU. He was re-founder Advisor of Middle Guwahati Branch no- 4 (He reopen this branch after seven years of close down). He worked four years in this wing, he organised so many programs for the local issue and cause by the help of many renown person from local area in 4 years, After that advice from his senior leaders, he suggested to again reopen of All North Guwahati Students union. the another regional wing under Guwahati Sub-Division and Kamrup District on 2006.

On 2006, Prince Faizul Haq, Kamalesh Saikia and Anup Kumar Medhi asked him to open All North Guwahati Students Union. He said he will will do his level best, By the reference of some seniors he come to worked with support from Gulapi, Tutumoni, Bikash, Girin, and some senior AASU leaders. Prakash Chandra Das, Secretary of All Guwahati Sub Division Students Union, opened this wing after 3 years inactiveness. After Middle Guwahati Elvin Baruah again success in his mission to re open the All North Guwahati Students Union , The Regional Branch of AASU. He had been working with this wing for nine years as a Cultural Secretary, General Secretary, and President. In his tenure he grow up this organization into 3 rd position among the 28 Regional (Ansolik) unit under Kamrup District. As a secretary and president in nine years he has done so many, cultural event, Hunger Strike, rally, Protest, Giving memorandum to local MLA, Sub Divisional Officers, Deputy Commissions, Additional Deputy Commissioners, Revenue officers, Police, Chief Ministers of Assam, Prime Minister, IIT Guwahati and many Local authorities. He had been doing work like a crazy volunteer. he come out from home at morning 8 AM and back to home no time limit after 10 PM. that is is the reason that ANGSU come up to 3rd position in his tenure.

In 16 years in AASU, he has been participating in many agitations which organized by AASU Central, Guwahati Sub-Division, and Kamrup District. By All North Guwahati Students Union as a secretary and President with his executive, he also organized many agitations in DC office, Police Station, Industry and much more places. he participated in Assam Bandh ( Assam Close Protest), 36 hours hunger strike, Light Flame Protest, Black-Out day, etc. when he was with All Guwahati School Students Union, his first Protest was in APSC (Assam Public Service Commission), Khanapara office,Guwahati Assam. His most memorable protest was, At morning 9 am when he come to Swahid Niyas Bhawan (AASU Office) from Machkhowa, to participate in Assam Bandh protest on 2004. He went out from AASU office with some my picket to roadside, at the moment he saw an ambassador car coming towards him, when he come in front to stop the car to request them to support the Assam Bandh by AASU, They come out from car and refused their request, in fact they had started to fight with them, They were leaders of NCP, At the moment police patrolling has come and suddenly all worker-run away, Elvin was fighting with them but they kicked down Elvin on road, he was lying down on road then police detain him from the spot to Ujan-Bazar Police station, Police treated him as revolutionary leader in police station. It was a proud moment for him, at evening when 12 hours completed of Assam Close Down at evening 5pm, AASU Senior Leaders Bipul Rabha, Nirmal Bashya (Present CID Additional SP and Ex-President of All Guwahati Students Union) they all comes to release me from the Police station along with 100 AASU Worker. After that we went to Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok to give warning to all NCP leaders who beaten Elvin Baruah on road, they said sorry to Mr. Elvin in front of all Senior Leaders. Elvin Baruah come to AASU office with grand road rally with flowers chain from that Hotel.

Elvin Baruah has spent his whole childhood, school life, college life and young age completely with AASU. AASU teach him to talk with junior, seniors, and with mass people. AASU teach him to do love with family, motherland, and people. People said that AASU is the platform of Politics and Elvin Baruah proved it when he was Secretary & President in All North Guwahati Students Union in both terms, On every election time he got many calls from many politician, MLA candidate, MP Candidate for his constituency to do help and support in their election. They never denied the power of Assam Agitation, 855 martyrs and based of AASU in Assam.

After 16 years in AASU when Mr. Elvin Baruah get to knew something wrong decisions taken with AASU and Organisation (which called dirty politics) by our Central Advisor, then he tried to protest on it, seem AASU few central leaders doesn't like democratic people in Organisation, they decorate this organisation as their own way. Without any intimation and show cause notice they forcefully suspend Mr Elvin from AASU. The Central Advisor, He never follow constitution of Organisation, he showed his dirty politics with him, he went to Crime Branch, CID office to launch a complain against Mr Elvin. A CID officer informed him over phone, and support Elvin , not to be worried. Officer knew that his democratic protest against AASU Leader was lawful, this fellow just come here to shut your voice against him.

Mr. Elvin wished to go to organised a Press Meet on this issue and so many issue’s against that Advisor, but he thought it would be a bad impact on Organisation and his reputation. So he stop the planning of the Press Meet. He tried to open a new regional political party then many organizations and political party like AGP, BJP, & Congress tried to contact him to join their Party. In fact BJP Invited Mr Elvin to join BJP, by Twitter invitation twit. But that time his mind and heart impressed by only one political party and its leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. From then he started Actively groundwork with AAP.

Indian Electoral Active Politics is the Higher education means master degree
of Social Work or Students Politics.